We build upon the classic Scandinavian design tradition with a focus on clean cuts and crafted details.

We constantly work on refining the heritage of SIGNAL, whilst reworking current trends into great new classics.

Our desire is to create sporty casual designs with a long lifespan – both in terms of style and quality.

We put great effort into designing clothes, that does not go out of style overnight, and which will go the distance from enjoying the last rays of summer overlooking the sea – to a stroll down the busiest street of any large city in the world.




SIGNAL is for strong people who don’t need to change their style every season and who loves the fact that they in our collections will always find long lasting items for their wardrobe.

Our followers believe in enjoying life to its fullest, and want their style to express this. Their approach to dressing is unpretentious and they favor clothes that are modern whilst still being comfortable.

They are excited about their work and value time off with family and friends. Their lifestyle demands a wardrobe that will unite a busy work life with an equally busy and active spare time, and this is why they will always turn to us.





The strength of the SIGNAL concept is the combination of the large choice we offer and our focus on creating quality products at affordable prices.

SIGNAL is not aimed at a specific age. Instead we believe our collections to be relevant across generations.

The simplicity of our concept makes it easy to customize for each new market without losing its core. And our generous way of creating value throughout the value chain from production to costumer makes our business model very attractive.

We trust the Scandinavian way to be relevant to the rest of the world, and we look forward to exporting our unique version of the Scandinavian look to even more markets in the future.





Because we are real, sincere and generous.


Because we express the spirit of this freedom-loving and democratic spot on earth through  clean aesthetic design at affordable prices.


Because our garments are well fitted, casual and easy-to-wear. 


Because we put effort into designing clothes that work in real life, with only the most clever  and necessary details. To us functionality is also about long lasting designs and numerous  styling possibilities in each and every style .


Because for us it is all about quality, craft and attention to detail.